Gaming(Valorant,Starfield) and Web Development Build


Looking to get a build that will let me multi task (twitch, multiple VS code windows, running small servers, google tabs) for my web development work.

I would also want this computer to be able to handle Valorant(Low to Medium settings) and Starfield(Medium to High settings) in 1440p. I would spend more money if it makes the build future proof/upgradable after a couple of years.

My budget is $1500-$2000 without a need to buy any peripherals. Starfield doesn't come out until September so I do have time to look for deals so I wouldn't mind getting "target" and "reach" parts for lack of better terminology. "Target" parts would be parts that would be the bare minimum for what I want. "Reach" would be parts that I can plug right in to the rest of the build for better performance.

Thank you!


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