Changing parts from current computer

If I order a bunch of new parts for my computer and a new case, would someone be able to transfer the ssd, hardrive and ram (as well as anything else they would recommend) from my computer and put it in my new rig with all of the parts I ordered? Also how long does this take usually? 😀


  • Aodhan_Gorman

    Going into your local microcenter will be the best way to find out turn-around time from that service department specifically, but depending on the complexity of your parts, some builds can be complete same day! Pricing will also vary based on what hardware you chose, for example if you want an OS installed and a AIO liquid cooler, the build cost is $249.99. But the minimum build fee is $149.99 and full liquid cooling setups can go over $799.99 if they are complex enough to ty and give you a range.

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