Can I use a ( 12 pin PCI-E Gen 5 cable to 2--8 pin PCI-E cable.....Power Supply to GPU )?

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I have an ASUS TUF Gaming 850w Gold Power Supply, my GPU Red Devil 6750xt requires 2--8 pin PCI-E cables, only 1 came with the Power Supply.

The 850 has a 12 pin PCI-E Gen 5 output slot and the supplied cable above. Is this cable only for Gen 5 GPU's?

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    Looking up the PSU online, it should have the CEM5 and 3xPCIe 6+2's. Are you missing some of the cables that were originally included? I'd contact ASUS for replacements.

    As for compatibility, AMD hasn't adapted the CEM5 connector on their latest cards. At this time it's only being used on the higher end Nvidia cards. CEM to PCIe is possible, but keep in mind as with most modular cables, it may be specific to the power supply that you have. I've seen cables like this for Seasonic and Corsair. That's it so far.


  • maggnet

    Thanks Mike, in rechecking the parts list there is one cable short, but trying to get that one cable from ASUS could be a painful 3 month project. It is a 2 hour drive to Microcenter, I will order one online.

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