Bought G443 (Powerspec) and having issues with case usb port, any insights would be great

Hi all,
just bought the above and am running into issues. First purchase had to be returned due to a defective fan; the replacement is having issues with one of the usb 3.0 ports on the top of the case (fans are good now luckily). Specifically whenever I plug anything in like a keyboard/webcam/mouse, I get an error saying ‘device descriptor request failed’ and the peripheral doesn’t work. I suspect the port is not hooked up correctly to the motherboard because the other one next to it works fine with the same peripherals. Is there anything I could do on my end to fix this? Hoping to not have to return/exchange again so any thoughts would be helpful, it’s a minor issue but I feel it should be working pretty much flawlessly out of the box for the price. Been going hard updating all kinds of drivers with no success. 

of note, if I plug a usb flash drive into that same defective port it appears to work perfectly, can’t really make sense of that. All usb ports directly on the motherboard appear to be fine as well


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    Sorry to hear about the issues with two systems now. I think you do have a hardware issue here, but let me explain what's happening and we'll work on finding the best solution.

    Here's an example of a USB peripheral hardware ID: HID\VID_04D9&PID_A09F&REV_0130&MI_00

    Basically it's a code that tells the computer what the device is, how to class it and how to operate it if there's an inf file containing the hardware ID. Or at least enough of it to install a basic driver, as you would way say a mouse. A mouse may just find HID\VID_04D9&PID_A09F and that's enough, it doesn't need a full four part match. A descriptor failure means it can't read this code from the device and so it has no idea what to do with it. Generally it is a hardware failure.

    Now a couple of things. Those two ports are a single 19 pin USB 3.0 connector. The connector is separated into two rows, so it can partially fail and only effect one port. Based on what pins are damaged or malfunctioning it's possible for USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 devices to fail to work properly.

    There are two components that are in line that could be a failure here. The USB 3.0 cable/front panel and USB 3.0 header which would be the motherboard. Best solution is a trip to the store. They'll swap the panel and verify that's the issue, replace it if need be. If it's a board, then we'll replace the system. If you're far away from the store and you're comfortable with swapping a part like this we can arrange an alternative. There's a few different cables that are art of that header. Audio, USB 3, Power button, RGB controller buttons.

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