RMA or microcenter 2 year protection plan for 7900xtx Red Devil ? high core temps/ 40C delta


Hello, I Purchased a 7900xtx Red Devil in February of this year with a 2 year warranty/protection plan at my local microcenter. Since then I have had the card I have been keen on monitoring the temps such as core and edge temps.When I first installed the card it always had a 25-30C delta between edge and core temps.Now the past month it has been consistently 40-50 c delta with some readings as high as 110C core/hotspot. I have also noticed some artifacts in some games as well. I am wondering what is the best course of action either to RMA through manufacturer or go to my store where I bought the 2 year plan and see if they can help me or possibly switch out for a new Red Devil if it comes to that.Thanks in advance for the help.


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