Opinions on these prebuilts?


Hi, I was looking to buy a prebuilt and have consistently heard the PowerSpecs Micro Center builds are generally pretty good, so I was considering one of these for my new gaming pc. My requirements for this pc mainly are:

-Being able to run the latest games on max settings at 1440p with high fps

-Examples of games I am interested in and referring to above would be primarily Baldur's Gate 3, and Ark: Survival Evolved, Primal Earth, and likely Cyberpunk 2077 as well.

-Ideally want at least 2 TB of space to store my files and run games

-As far as budget goes I'm not quite sure yet, although if I can get a pc at a cheapish price that fits my criteria it's fine. 

Here are 3 Prebuilts I found so far, you can give your opinions on them: 

PowerSpec G471 Gaming PC

PowerSpec G472 Gaming PC

PowerSpec G906 Gaming PC

PowerSpec G443 Gaming PC

I'd like to try and future proof some if possible, but if I can save money and have the games I want run at max settings at 1440p and not need the top end best of the best cpu or gpu, that would be fine. Opinions, or any suggestions for a cheaper prebuilt from Micro Center that fits what I want?


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    A lot of people make graphics card comparison videos in youtube. Just search up game name plus graphics processor (not exact card brand though). For example:

    Baldur's Gate 3 4070

    So check for the various cards in question and see what you think. This will be much better way to assure yourself what to get than any opinion someone could type here.
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    In my opinion the 4070 Ti and 13700KF is perfectly capable to handling any game at 1440p and running very well. The 4080 in the G471 would be advantageous at 4K, but I doubt you'll see meaningful frames at 1440p. The G443 seems to fit what you're looking for very well.

  • Aodhan_Gorman

    PowerSecs are not only my most common recommendation as a sales associate in the system's department, but also my recommendation for all my gaming friends that I don't live nearby. They take all the hassle out of having to walk through a build on discord video chat for 4 hours when they really just want a good computer with decent upgrade potential. That being said, I typically recommend they get the G714 or the G906 because AMD is going to have better long-term motherboard and processor support with AM5 rather than Intel's Z790 chipset.

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