KVM Switch or HDMI Splitter?


Hello everyone. I am trying to figure out what to use to use my 3 monitors with both my work laptop and my personal pc. I would also like to use the same mouse and key but that is not necessary. I tried looking things up but it was very confusing.


  • Aodhan_Gorman
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    For your laptop you will most likely need a docking station or several adapters depending on the laptop. For your desktop you probably just need the right cables as long as it has a decent graphics card.

    For switching keyboard and mouse between the two, you would need either a KVM switch or a software KVM.

    If you wanted to not have to individually swap inputs on all 3 monitors, you would need a multi-HDMI or multi-DisplayPort switch which can be kind of pricy.

    Getting a docking station that does both multimonitor and KVM are notoriously expensive because you are combining a lot of different hardware solutions but would offer the most seamless transition between both setups.

    I would recommend bringing in your laptop and a picture of all the ports on your desktop and monitors to a local Micro Center to speak with a general sales associate because they have the most training on solutions for this kind of setup and will also know the best deals for you!

  • Ian

    Hey there, you'd be looking for a triple monitor KVM switch to accomplish something like this. A HDMI splitter wouldn't properly accomplish what you're looking to do. There would be a lot of KVM switches out there so you would need to verify in the specs that it does list its compatible with 3 monitors.

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