Yellow Label Blues

I went to my "local" MC store today to buy a new case, after wondering around and grabbing $300 worth of other stuff I finally grabbed the case. I grabbed a Lian Li Lancool III black/rgb. Halfway out I realized it was a yellow label box that said COMPLETE. So I asked an associate if it was indeed COMPLETE and he said "Yep, if it's marked complete, which it is, either it was just open box or somebody returned it with no visual useage". It was only $15 cheaper than the advertised price, so that seemed fair for a beat up box. Had I known what was to come, I would have walked back and found one without a yellow label.

After the 3 hour drive home, the joy I had was absolutely destroyed when I removed the case to find it covered in dust, missing ALL 4 FANS, 1 drive bay gone, rbg controller gone (but kind enough to leave empty bag it came in), and most screws missing.

I'm sure when I call in the morning I will be told "Okay, just return it". Unfortunately a 6 hour plus round trip is not in my foreseeable future, and I doubt they are going to reimburse me for my time, tolls, and gas. So even if I did make the trip, I'd be spending almost the price of the case to take it back.

Is there anything I can do? How much would the missing parts cost to replace?


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