Are there any UPS units that have a 10+' cable that are recommended?


I am looking for a UPS unit and the closest grounded wall plug is much further than where my PC unit is located. I had to get a 12' surge protector when I first set everything up, but with some storms knocking power out recently- I want to get myself a UPS. I know it should only be plugged in the wall and that using extension cords or the surge protector is highly discouraged, so I am hoping to find a good unit that will meet my needs without having to risk using even a non-surge protected extension.


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    Are you looking for a rack mounted

    I build server racks for commercial use and we make our own custom length extension cords for our rack mounted UPS units. There is nothing stated that prevents you from using an extension cord, but make sure it is a heavy duty rated one. You may also wall mount a UPS unit or place one on the floor nearer and use a PDU to get the power to your devices.

  • XenF
    Don't need a rack mounted, just lookin to have it on the floor beneath my desk to prevent data loss and issues from powerloss during storms and such. 

    Tbh, I have never used a UPS before, but there was a big warning to have it plugged directly into the wall, and cursory research online seemed to indicate it was generally not recommended to use extension cords. But I am willing to trust someone who builds them custom.

    What should I be looking for in an extension cord; would a duwalt industrial grade work? Do I not need to go quite that ham on it? 
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