Computer won't boot--monitor on but no POST or anything

edited August 2023 in General Discussion

Hi all!

A couple of days ago, I turned on my PC to play some Hitman as one does. I recently upgraded my PC and it was working great previously. When I turned my PC on, it put me in the UEFI settings screen. Impatiently, I decided to discard changes and exit. When that didn't work, I just went to saving and restarting. It started to restart, and then nothing happened. Monitor on, but nothing being displayed. The Boot LED on my motherboard was on upon my checking, too!

Here's what I have tried:

-Turning it off and on again

-Power Cycle

-CMOS Battery Reset

-GPU in different slot, DisplayPort cable in different displayport GPU slot

-removing the GPU entirely (oddly enough, the boot led went off when I turned my PC on without the GPU.)

--After removing the GPU and seeing that the boot LED was on, I put the DisplayPort monitor cable in my motherboard's DP slot. STILL NOTHING.

At the edge of my wits here. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!!


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