GPU Upgrade: What will fit my NZXT?



I'm looking into upgrading my video card, but am a bit unsure of what actually will fit in my case. I have the NZXT Phantom 410 (mid tower), and everything I have read so far states that it can support up to 305mm length cards - but that requires the removable drive bay extension to be taken out. I do need to fit the extension bays in for this upgrade (also adding in additional storage drives), so I want to be sure I'm not choosing too long of a card. Most information I can find says to stay at 230mm or under to avoid interference with drive bays, but my current GPU is 298mm and is just barely too long (by maybe 5-10mm) to fit with the drive bay extension. I've tooled around in my case and measured the clearance I would need (length and height) and I think that cards up to 261mm would fit without any trouble (given the fit of my current 298mm card).

Does anyone have familiarity with the NZXT Phantom to know what clearance is actually needed for a GPU to not interfere with the additional drive bays? Is that 230mm a hard measurement, and I'm just overly-optimistic in my measurements? Any insight welcome - thank you!


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