My new computer has a blue screen less than half a year old. Can this Micro Center be trusted?

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so i buy this pc at 1100 Edinger Ave, Tustin, CA 92780  because thats the only one micro center they have around where i live so 

I've changed computers once before I had problems changing this computer, and this is my second computer

Not long after I bought the first computer which I couldn't turn it on

The second computer is less than half a year old, I think i used for 3-4 months now, whatever game I play will crash or even freeze

So I want to ask you, is your company's computer brand new? Or sell used computers as new ones?

I was already deeply skeptical, and now I can't refund or repair it, because I don't think I should spend a penny more on maintaining this computer

But I have a plan, that is, how much money this computer bought, within two years, I can return it for a new computer, or even exchange it for a higher price, but I have to give the rest of the money, but this is equivalent to me wasting the money of this plan, and it is not the result I want

I hope you guys will give me a positive answer and solution


  • PowerSpec_MichaelB

    I removed your email from the post to protect your personal information, please avoid sharing that information on a public forum. As for the question you've posed, I can assure you that we do not sell open box systems as "brand new", we will place a large yellow clearance sticker along with a brief summary of the condition (complete, incomplete, missing X component, etc.). As for being unable to get the system repaired, all systems come with a manufacturer warranty. We are also an authorized service provider for many brands of computers and should have no issues finding parts to perform a repair if it is indeed hardware.

    However, I would like to start by first knowing the model of your system and some additional details on the crashing so we can troubleshoot with you and save you a trip to the store if possible. Do you recall what the blue screen stop codes are? Did the crashing occur after any software updates or hardware installation? Are only specific games crashing the system? The more details we have, the better our chances of dialing in on the root cause.

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