New PC Built by Micro Center Not Working

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Hi, so I am desperately trying not to be a karen or an ass about this whole situation but I am starting to get fairly frustrated by the whole ordeal.

I went in to have a new computer built by the Tustin CA Microcenter on 7/17/2023. Three parts I purchased myself, a Motherboard and 2 SSDs. Everything else I bought there at the store, including their 279.99 Complete System Protection. I also paid for additional fan installation (20 dollars) as well as a Comprehensive Computer Diagnostic for the Motherboard (40 dollars).

They told me that it would take a few days to get the computer built, due to an influx of customers they've had recently. I told them that it was fine. A week later, I picked up the computer.

After taking the computer back home, the computer suffered random restarts whenever it was on 'low power' or 'idle. Some stress tests were going okay; but the computer kept randomly restarting at random intervals. I did a bunch of testing myself and even bought a surge protector/power strip and a UPS. Changed BIOS settings, undervolt, overclock, reset to default, resetted BIOS settings etc etc. Nothing was working. This was after a week of waiting for the PC to get built and paying for additional diagnostics and the Complete System Protection already. I suspect that it was a faulty Power Supply.

I went into the store on Monday the 14th 8/14/2023 with the computer to get it fixed; once again, they told me it would take a couple of days.

It is now 8/25/2023. And according to the text updates, they still have not figured out whats wrong with my PC and I was informed there was a delay in diagnostics due to how the store works (they apparently only work on diagnostics and repair on certain days).

Im about to hit 30 days since I paid for a 5000 dollar computer without being able to use it, and driving over an hour back and forth to Microcenter. By this point, the return policy for the 3 parts I purchased myself have expired and I'm getting, hopefully understandably, a bit frustrated that this 13900k 4090 PC I had custom bought that they already did a 40 dollar diagnostics for and have warranty; I cannot use STILL.

Im also equally concerned with the whole week of stress testing and the state of the cabling that I received that the PC will not function as 'brand new' as it would.

If anyone has suggestions to alleviate some of my concerns and frustrations, I would be happy to hear it. Thanks.


  • Ian

    Hello there,

    I am sorry to hear of the issues with service at one of our stores. We will go ahead and email you so we may get your contact information for this to be looked into by the store further.

  • Ciele
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    edited September 2023

    Hi Ian, would you mind messaging or emailing me privately? I have just picked up my "repaired" computer after the Service Manager repaired it himself, and it has restarted itself twice already, so the issue still persists.

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