I am planning on upgrading my Pc soon and I need help choosing parts or a pre built.



My name is Thomas and I am moderately novice when it comes to PC's. I have a decent knowledge on the different parts of the PC and what they do so my issue is not understanding the build. I need help deciding from hopefully the more experienced.

As of right now I'm rocking a GTX 1650 and an Intel i5 - 10400f cpu @ 2.90Ghz. Im not sure what kind of mother board I have, and the RAM is DDr4. Normal SSD. This PC was given to me by a good friend and it has served me very well. However a couple issue have arrived. For one, I've taken up a hobby in content creation and I have experienced some serious stress on my CPU. I use Adobe and towards the end of my project when the most files are present and the most work has been done, the application will start buffering between not responding and working. This is a problem because losing my work would be detrimental for obvious reasons. I also play games. I don't play super intensive open world games ( possibly yet ), mainly just fighting games and some multiplayer shooters. If I have any problems it is CPU derived.

Another reason which isn't a problem and more a factor is my GF wants a PC. She isn't planning on any serious gaming or editing, mainly HW and smaller games like Stardew Valley so giving her this one would fit really well.

With this in mind I am currently in the market trying to find sift through the seemingly infinite amount of info about PC's and what to buy. That's why I'm here.

My budget will probably be an issue, but I would really like to spend no more than $1,600-$1,700. I understand I can't build the dream PC that we all envision for ourselves with that budget so I am content getting a prebuilt until I am at a point in my life to spend more money. I will also have to buy new monitors since mine are very base line 60hz 1080p quality. ( plus I'm giving at least one if not both to my gf with the PC ).

With that being said what should I do ?

P.s Thank you for reading this far.


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    You can actually build a pretty nice PC for that money pretty easily, there is a recent article posted here with a PC that beats your specs pretty easily for about $1000. If you are near one of the stores, you can get an associate to help you pick out the parts and get the service department to build it for you too and even get yourself a 3 year warranty with it.

  • Lambdaben

    How many monitors would you need and what quality? From a monitor standpoint, we have plenty of great options that could get you 2 monitors and still have a budget of $1,200.

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