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I am still fairly new to PC modifying(not really building any from scratch). I hear and read SSD is the faster storage compared to HD. My computer build came with a SSD of 240GB and a HD of 2TB. For a while my computer seems to take quite some time to load anything and some delays every now and then. It may be because my HD is getting close to full so I have cleaned it a bit, but it still takes a while to load things up. I want to upgrade the SSD and change the HD to a bigger SSD. I am also going to upgrade my CPU as well. Is it okay to not have a HD and go with two SSD? Also should I save my games on same SSD that has all the OS for the computer?

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    You will not have to upgrade your CPU for this. HDD are not required at all, you can add as many SSDs as your board will support. I'd probably run a 1 TB main SSD and a 2-4 TB secondary personally. Or just replace your main one with a 4 TB, prices are getting good. If you get a Samsung drive it has a great utility to migrate your system as well so upgrading is easier.


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