New PC Built by Micro Center Not Working PART TWO

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Hi, me again. This is a follow up to my earlier post on August 26th.

So now I'm at the point where I am absolutely disappointed and frustrated with the service.

Ian L. and Brendan P. emailed me about my issues with the service at Tustin and how it has been over 30 days since I had it built that my PC continues to malfunction.

August 27th, 2:33PM, Johnny, the Service manager, reached out to me concerning my issue after it was escalated. Johnny stated that they will be assigning the repair process to themselves to get it resolved and asked me if the motherboard was purchased at Microcenter.

Once again, I respond. No. The motherboard was purchased on Amazon on July 15th. I paid the $40 extra to Microcenter during the initial build to run a full diagnostics on the motherboard to make sure it ran correctly. I was informed that the motherboard was fine and the building process would continue.

At this point, the return process on the motherboard has long passed and it would have to be RMA'd back to MSI.

August 29th, Tuesday; Johnny informed me that they will try to exchange the CPU. Later that day, Johnny informed me that they have ran stress tests and let the computer run on various tasks all day and it has not restarted itself. Johnny informed me that the computer will be moved to resolved and is ready for pick up.

I asked to confirm, quoting myself, "Awesome thank you. Even when it sits on idle or low load it didnt restart?"

Johnny Response: "Yes. After the stress test and PC Doctor test. I had it running Youtube videos on loop for a while as well as sitting idle on desktop. It has not restarted on its own in the last 7hrs."

Today, September 3rd, I pick up my computer.

2:30PM, the computer is on. 4:09PM, it restarts. "An unexpected error" once again.

4:15PM, the computer is on. 4:46PM, it restarts. "An unexpected error".

So we are at FOUR, 1 - 2 hour long drives back and forth to Microcenter.

279.99 USD paid for Complete System Protection Warranty.

249.99 USD paid for a Custom Build Service.

39.79 USD paid for Motherboard diagnostics.

And approximately 4500 USD spent on parts bought at Microcenter.

And now, as of today, nearing 50 days of me not being able to use something I have paid for.

Once again. If I could find some form of satisfactory solution to this over a month long of absolutely headache inducing issue I would be extremely grateful.



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