Limit 1 Per Household If Multiple PCs Broken? (Cambridge)


Soo my PC kind of died a few weeks ago. PSU went bad, and we think that might've fried my mobo. My boyfriend tested the PSU out on his PC back when we were still crossing possibilities out, and it...kind of killed his PC too. His motherboard is also fried.

So we're going to MC this week to get replacement parts, and since we both had older builds, we're pretty much buying almost entirely new PCs. We're both looking at the same bundle (CPU/Mobo/RAM - we don't need GPUs, as his is hopefully fine and I just bought one from Newegg, thinking that's what was wrong at first), but it's listed as 1 per household, and we live together. Are there any exceptions to this? Literally the worst luck to have both our computers die at the same time, but we also live 2.5h from the nearest MC, so it's a bit of a trip just go to there period. We already had long-standing plans to go to Boston this week, so we were going to run out to the Cambridge location while we're there.

Are we screwed and will only be able to rebuild one of our PCs? Is there an expiration on the limit? If we both go for two different PC bundles, is that allowed? Please send help.


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