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My name is Stacy and I received an injury in 2007 I broke my spinal cord and became a quadriplegic. So I came to Wayne into a nursing home to be taken care of and I couldn't even scratch my nose. Fast forward now I have an electric wheelchair I have the use of my arms and I am very independent I can't type like I used to but I could still use a computer and I even took college courses online with a borrowed computer to learn how to do my job which is bookkeeping I was previously a manager in a bookkeeper and entrepreneur I wanted to learn how to do it virtually and get my certificates. So currently I'm still in the nursing home but I need my own computer setup to be able to get a job working as a virtual bookkeeper. I think I need two screens or monitors but I believe I can start out with one. I need to be able to download QuickBooks word Lotus Etc I was offered a volunteer job as a bookkeeper virtually for 501c which is a non-profit but I think I need my own computers to do that I borrowed a computer from the nursing home to do my studies but I need my own computer setup in my room and hopefully I can leave the nursing home and go into independent living. I hope by working part-time I will grow to be more independent and I won't have to live in the nursing home. But I don't know what type of computers I need I don't have the money for it so I have to find out exactly what I need because I will file for grant for some help to get everything I need to be independent so I heard such good news about Micro Center I'm hoping you can help me, I have a Samsung tablet that I voice type and I can touch screen I need a computer that I can Dragon speak I can use a regular Mouse I taught myself how I could use it I can even put on my own makeup I just cannot type individual letters but I want to be as independent as possible I want to work and I want to continue with school I actually had a scholarship when I got injured. In what ways would you be able to help me with information? Hopefully I could get a grant and buy when I need from you.

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    You have been through a lot, and I am sorry you have had to deal with this. There are certainly solutions that will get you where you need to be and seeing you have overcome so much already I know getting you set up with a computer you can use certainly is not out of the realm of possibility. I know the store can certainly get you put together with what you need, and can get you as far as getting set up with the applications and specifications, I am hoping you are able to work with someone to get it transported and set up at home. This is just not something the stores are set up to do. Perhaps one of the sales people might have a contact that can help with the logistics there. Would you have anyone that might be able to come into the store to help get things started?


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