ProArt 4060ti OC edition vs. ProArt 4070ti OC edition


I'm not sure which GPU to pick. I've heard bad things about 4060ti's but that could be wrong and not sure if the $300 jump to 4070ti worth it.

I won't be doing super hard gaming (GTA, iRacing, Forza, Madden) but want something that will last for a while and still be able to keep up.

$300 difference between the 4060 and 4070 which isn't cheap but if it's worth it then I'm open to paying it.

16DDR6 vs 12GB DDR6x which is better? Increased Cores, Memory Speed, and Interface worth the $300 increase

Won't let me post the link but here's the build (i7-13700k, Z790 Tomahawk, 32gb RAM, 2TB SSD)


  • magarity
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    By all accounts the 4060 is a dog compared to the 4070.

    The ProArt line is aimed at content creators not gamers. I suspect the cooler is designed more for bursts of work rather than the nonstop load of gaming sessions. You might read some reviews and look in to that before you pick that model for a gaming rig.
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