Internet Speed fluctuating and not stable



In the last few weeks my internet, ethernet connection, has been fluctuating speeds and not stable to run online games. Internet was perfectly fine prior to the last few weeks. My internet speed is 1 gb through Midco, my motherboard has 1 gb capabilities. I have also tried a new 1 gb PCIe board, wifi, and USB 3.0 ethernet adaptor all with same results. I am averaging approx. 250mbps max with spikes up to 950mbps. I have update BIOS, installed latest drivers for all hardware involved. Midco techs have been to the house and checked connections from source to the house and modem. Midco tech was showing speeds at a consistent 950mbps + on his equipment. I have installed anti-malware/virus software with nothing found. I am not running a VPN.

I am now at a loss for what to do next. Any help is appreciated.


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