Tools to Protect Your Electronics from Disaster!


There’s nothing as exciting as building a new computer, picking up the latest cell phone, or upgrading to the latest in TV technology. But then, tragedy strikes. Your new computer gets a virus. Your phone is knocked off a table and the screen breaks. A power surge fries your new TV. All these are things that can happen, and all these are absolutely preventable. Our champions have come up with some of the best, easiest ways to protect the technology you love

UPS Systems by @Julia_V

Having your PC shut off in the middle of an important project before you have time to save is one of the worst feelings ever. Whether it’s a Word document, a photo or video being rendered, or even just a checkpoint in a game. This is where UPS systems really come in handy. Not only do they provide protection from unexpected power loss and surges, but they also protect your work and time from being lost in a power outage. 

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. They can be used for desktop computers, workstations, network devices, home entertainment systems, and other equipment. I personally use the CyberPower Systems PFC Sinewave Series for my gaming setup. It has a VA rating of 1500VA or 1000 Watts, which represents the maximum load that a UPS can support. Automatic Voltage Regulation on this UPS corrects minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power, which allows for extended battery life. This specific unit also features Pure Sine Wave output, which means that compared to other non-pure sine wave devices, it is guaranteed to produce a cleaner output for any piece of equipment connected to it. This allows for better stability and reliability for your devices. 

This unit features six battery backup and surge-protected outlets as well as six surge-protected outlets and two 3.1A USB charging ports. There are also ethernet ports on the UPS to prevent power surges that can travel through ethernet lines. I really love the Multifunction Color LCD Screen that comes with the UPS, as it can easily display any necessary battery and power conditions.

ESET Internet Security by @ricardo_ortega

Here at Micro Center, we carry a lot of options for protecting the hardware of your everyday devices, like tablets, phones, and computers. However, it’s not just the hardware that needs protecting. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new computer or just want to keep the one you have running strong, it’s recommended that you invest in antivirus software to protect yourself from unwanted viruses, malware, and more. Computers have become a central piece of nearly everyone’s daily life and, as a result, there is a lot of sensitive data on your devices. A single breach in one’s computer is a potential leak of lots of personal information, like your identity, bank accounts, and addresses. We recommend antivirus software like ESET to every customer who is in the market for a computer.

 ESET is a global digital security company that has been protecting customers and companies from around the world. Here at Micro Center, the store provides different licenses such as the Advance Security and the Premium Security versions. What I love about this software is that it uses little resources and does not require a huge chunk of RAM to run, unlike other antivirus software. ESET protects your home network and oversees what devices are connected and manages incoming traffic. They have improved their online banking & payment protection that encrypts the process of your transactions. On the Premium version, ESET LiveGuard is a nice feature that handles files and documents to be run to the ESET cloud to check for potential threats. While there are more features that ESET carries, I recommend speaking to any of the associates for more information about ESET and its benefits and promotions.

Mobile Phone Protection by @w8deywins

New mobile phones are always coming out, and if you're picking up a new phone, you should definitely keep it safe. The easiest option would be to add a durable case around the device. This is the best way to preserve its brand-new condition and to prevent accidents. Case designs range from bulky, ultra-durable designs to sleek and slim aesthetics. Personally, I like the cases from LAU, like the CRYSTAL MATTER X, as they have the perfect balance of slim but durable.

Of course, you also want to protect the screen, as it's arguably the most important part. I would make this a priority and find a screen protector that is impact-resistant and scratch-proof. Currently, I’m using the invisible shield glass screen protector by ZAGG. I’ve already had to replace mine because it cracked doing what it was designed to do - save my screen from breaking! Highly recommended. They even have protectors with privacy protection if you want to keep wandering eyes off your screen!

Pop sockets have become a staple for a lot of phones, mine included. I enjoy taking photos with my phone and Pop Sockets add a bit of extra grip, ensuring I won’t worry about dropping it while trying to get the perfect shot. Since I have an iPhone with MagSafe support, I recommended that one, but there are a bunch of styles out now. It doubles as a stand so you can prop up your phone and watch a video. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel confident about not dropping your phone again.

NAS by @Shoan041

Everyone needs to back up and protect their data. It’s so important because we all have files that can’t be easily re-obtained if they are lost. Students have papers, businesses have spreadsheets, and we all have pictures of our kids, family, and friends. Unfortunately, data storage devices don’t last forever and they can break, get lost, stolen, or corrupted. I’m sure we’ve all been devastated by losing some data that we wanted to hang on to. NAS drives are a great way to add an extra layer of security to your important files!

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It is pretty much spelled out in the name, but it’s like a hard drive system that is set up on a network. It’s basically a small server made to run like an online backup system or cloud drive. While cloud storage is found just about everywhere today, some of us have way more data than would be allowed on those services without paying extra fees.

Using your own NAS allows you to have the drives that house your data on your own personal network – no need for a third party. They can be used the same way as a cloud service, and you can choose how much storage is right for you. You also don’t have to worry as much about accidental data loss from mismanagement of the server, since it’ll be yours to manage how you choose. When it’s your own device, you also don’t have to be as worried about data leaks. Most hackers target large companies to get large information drops. You can even implement your own security to help keep your precious data safe! Having direct access to the drives inside your own NAS makes it easier to get to the information when you want to access them too.


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