Crucial memory compatibility -- memory upgrade desired


I currently have 2x8gb ddr5 5600 ram installed, and want more ram. I went to Crucial's website and used their system compatibility selector to determine what memory was compatible for my HP Envy 16-1023dx laptop. Crucial said max memory for this sytem is 64gb. However, when i run dos cmd "WMIC memphysical get Maxcapacity" i get a return of 16gb. And the system manual from HP's website says 32gb capacity for this system. I'm assuming that my system/motherboard can handle 32gb, but i'd love to know why Crucial thinks my system can handle 64gb--and i'd love to be able to install 2x32 ddr5 5600 ram without messing anything up. If i could get some help with understanding this that would be great.

Many thanks!


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    Historically, I've seen manufacturers give different numbers than what the laptop can actually support for stability reasons or because the laptop will drop the speed of the RAM if upgraded to that capacity.

    Doing some quick digging, I'm seeing some anecdotal signs of people upgrading that particular model to 64Gb without any major issues. I've had good luck trusting Crucial's site over other sources as well.

    If I were in your position, I would give it a shot then run some memory tests to see how stable it is. That particular laptop is fairly easy to disassemble and upgrade parts in, just be careful of the clips. Take your time and use an iFixit kit if you have one handy.

    Good luck!

  • Good to know, and thank you for the insights. One final question though:

    Would you have any idea why when i run dos cmd "WMIC memphysical get Maxcapacity" i get a return of 16gb, when the specs for this system (HP Envy 16-h1023dx) state 32gb max? My BIOS is current. I have the i9-13900H, RTX 4060, 8BE5 motherboard. I guess i just don't understand why it's saying 16gb max. Could it be that this motherboard only accommodates 16gb max? Or a BIOS setting perhaps? or some bug?

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    I would refer to the service and maintenance manual for your model family:

    Manual says 2x8, or 2x16. Spare part number for the 16GB DIMMs is M97596-005. Those are the manufacturers specifications, you may be able to run more. HP may have increased this with a BIOS update. It may just reflect what HP tested up to when the system was originally designed. CPU supports up to 64GB.

    As for the WMI command you can try a few things. Try pulling from MaxCapacityEx, see if it shows the same thing. MemCapacity is deprecated. It's possible it's just a mistake by the vendor or something that was upgraded after a BIOS version and never changed the data. This is information written into an MOF file and compiled into a WMI repository for the system.

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