Can I use an instore coupon to make an online order while instore.


Hi I will be on travel and will be passing through a microcenter. What I would like to purchase is too big to take with me and I have a coupon for it so it's a good deal if bought in-store. The item is available both online and in-store. I am wondering if I could go to the store and purchase it in-store using the instore only coupon and have it shipped to me.


  • Ian


    I don't believe our stores are set up for shipping like this as our online shipments are not sent out by the stores directly. You can visit and speak to store management to see if they would have any recommendations, perhaps local businesses in the stores' area may have shipping services available once the item is purchased. Coupons would have to be used directly at our stores, the terms & conditions would be listed as such directly on the coupon.

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