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So I have a nice PC Build aesthetically, but I can't find the right GPU. My budget is 1.2k and these are the specs without the GPU; 5 5600X3D, G. Skill 16 GB 3200, Asus B550 Plus wifi - $300 G. Skill 750w - $95 HYTE Y60 - $200 Deepcool LS720 SE - $110 Deepcool FC120 (x4) - $65 Inland Performance Plus 2 TB - $120. I also have a $25 discount for submitting a build.


  • Ashdude

    I'm thinking of buying a Case and GPU combo for $500, then selling the case (250) and keeping the GPU. The GPU is a 3070.

  • Vaganza
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    Take a look at the Lian Li Lan Cool 216, it is a great case for right around $100. I installed an Asus ROG 4060 the other day, what a great card for less than $400.

  • zools

    List looks great, the case is quite expensive for the budget so i would look into something cheaper. something like the lian li 205/215/216 are all great options, if you still want the front glass panel i recommend the montech sky two which is only $100 and comes with the front glass panel and 4 fans included. once you do all that it seems like you have around $500 left for a gpu, and that gpu selection depends on what you're doing with the pc. if you're gaming radeon gpus tend to have very good value, but if you're doing professional workloads nvidia is usually going to come out on top. if you want a good gpu for $400 to $500 for radeon i recommend the 6800xt/7800xt for $500, if they are within $20 of each other i recommend going straight for thet 7800xt. and i recommend the rx6800 non xt for $400, its very good value and great for 1440p AAA gaming. for nvidia i recommend looking at open box 40 series cards, if you're lucky you might find a 4070 for $540 or similar. if you want a brand new card a 3070ti isnt a bad option for $450 ive seen, the 8gb of vram might be in an issue in very few games , so just know about that but really dont let it be a huge factor in whether you buy this card or not. if you're doing raytracing in games a lot i recommend going for nvidia cards because they tend to just do much better than radeon.

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