G95N - Box looks like its been spiked


Just received the delivery from fed ex- first of all the package required a signature and the driver signed for me- normally would be okay but for an expensive fragile package that looks like it took more than one tumble, I would have liked the right to refuse it.

Brings me to my point. I took pictures of the package before bringing it into my home- I am uncertain if I should even open it and test it, or swap it. With the Samsung g9's being a panel lottery in the first iteration (version I have owned since launch), I am really concerned the monitor may have been damaged.



  • Master_Peace_
    edited October 2023

    Update: the box was damaged- however the unit itself looked mostly unharmed- the styrofoam that covers the back was cracked but not all the way through- decided to unpack it and set it up. It looks MOSTLY okay there is a cluster of dead pixels 5-7 (edited- looks like a cluster compared to the single) in the lower left, and one single dead pixel in the lower right. Will likely swap out in store. 2,500 for a monitor it needs to be perfect.

  • TSKyleH

    Hello @Master_Peace_

    I am sorry to hear about the issues with the delivery, I wanted to check in to be sure the exchange in store went over okay for you. If not we can certainly open a ticket and get you in contact with our online team to discuss RMA options.

  • Microcenter is usually pretty great about everything. I reached out to the Microcenter online customer support with a few possible solutions. They came back with the worst possible one. (RMA - SHip- wait for ship back) I can't go without a monitor ( work during the day play at night) so shipping it back and waiting for another one to be sent out just doesn't work for me. I offered to keep the slightly defective monitor for like a $50 giftcard toward future purchases, no go there as well. Went in the store yesterday (less than a half mile away) and spoke with the store manager, explained the whole situation, she said she would be happy to swap it with another one in store. Problem is every time they get one it sells out rather quick. So i basically came up with an arraignment- until my 30 day return period is over if they get one in i can come swap it. If no other ones come in by the 30th day- i will just have to refund and repurchase somewhere else.

    Honestly at this point I'm debating buying the microcenter extended warranty and just keeping the monitor. Not a consumer wise decision but will give me peace of mind

  • Better late than never- I ended up taking back into the store when they had it in stock and exchanged it no problems. New one is free of defects, super pleased. Microcenter don't ever change!

  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @Master_Peace_

    I am glad to here they were able to resolve this issue with you in store. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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