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I saw a great bundle a couple of weeks back when I wanted a custom build to replace my 4 year old MC build. It had the 79503dx CPU, a great MB with all my needs and 64GB of RAM which was perfect as I want 128GB. The bundle went away as I finished selecting everything else I wanted to go with it. Any idea if that bundle might be rotated back in soon? All the others have 32GB RAM which means the savings go bye bye as I have to buy two 64GB units. The only similar bundle was the Ryzen 7 7800x3d available now, but with 32GB which kills it. Is it best to buy parts that come up immediately and hold them till the rest is available? I want the Radeon 7900XT graphics card, which is currently a good price, but if it is going to go bye bye next week, would I be better off buying that, the case, the extra RAM, etc... now? And if I want you guys to snap it all together for me, would I just buy it now and have you hold it till the right bundle appears. And lastly, do you have more bundles available in-store than are shown in emails and on the website? Such as a 79503dx with 64GB?

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  • Ian


    Unfortunately, we don't have information on future bundles and stock information here on our Community forum.

    When new bundles or sales do start, they will be posted directly to our website or sent via email advertisement. As for placing a reservation at the store, those would only be held for up to 3 business days before it is automatically canceled, and all payment is made directly at the store for pickups, there is not a pre-pay option available.

    We would not have different bundles offered at the store as opposed to what you see on our website, the stock & pricing you see online is the same as it would be directly at the store. Store stock is updated regularly during business hours online. 

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