How long are custom desktop repairs suppose to take? Its been nearly a month.


My desktop was under microcenters warranty so I sent it to them for repair. Its been nearly a month and the only update I have gotten is "still in progress". Are repairs normally this slow? Since there is no phone number I cant even call to confirm if its actually being worked on.


  • Shoan041
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    the time it takes on the repairs vary. There is a queue, so they work on computers in order of when they came in. After it gets assigned a tech, they generally diagnosis it for the issues you were having. Sometimes they have to run tests that can take days and then order parts that might take a while to get in after they have found out what needs to be replaced. Did you send your computer to one of the stores? I know at my store we generally try to reach out when it gets to a techs bench for diagnosis.

  • Nazerim

    Yeah I dropped it off to the techs in store.

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