P1S AMS and Inlaid filament


Any experience using Inlaid filament or other generic with the AMS system. Many are failing on rack 3 and I think it may be due to the actual roll that the filament is using. Bambu rolls seem to be flawless, but I'd like to use some other generic brands without having to re spool them onto an empty Bambu roll.


  • kchan1

    It shouldn't be the issue anymore as cardboard spools are the trend and pretty much all filament brands are moving to that direction. If you check Bambu Lab, they already eliminated anything about compatibility between cardboard spools and their AMS.

  • Nick50

    Thank you for the reply. I wanted to use Inland filament but am deterred by the cardboard rolls.

    I will re-look at Bambu information. Their concern was cardboard leaving dust fragments and the uneven sides causing wobble and even dents in the edges of the rolls. I am curious as to why there is no more dust problem? What changed?

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