Home Office Help - 1 Laptop + 1 PC + 2 Monitors (KVM?)


Hello - I'm looking for some help in finishing my home office setup. I currently have one Lenovo X1 laptop w/ a docking station for work and one recently built PC. I plan on purchasing 2 monitors for a dual monitor setup. In order to use both my work laptop and PC w/ a dual monitor setup, I have been told I need a KVM, but I'm struggling to figure out exactly what KVM, adapters, cables, etc.. I need. Here are some facts:

+ Not sure what info if required for my PC but some basics: Intel i5-13600K, ASUS Z690-A Prime motherboard, ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 ROG Strix 8GB DDR6

+ I have a lenovo docking station with my Lenovo laptop which I believe only has HDMI ports for display

+ Monitor I plan on purchasing is the Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx (x2) - open to other monitors

+ I assume I want to utilize the display ports, particularly for gaming on my personal PC

Not sure what other information is useful, but I'm trying to figure out what I need so that I can have both the laptop and PC connected to the two monitors (utilizing one mouse, one keyboard, one headset, etc...) and I can switch back and forth as needed.

Thanks in advance.


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    Would you be near to a Micro Center store location? We would be glad to forward your information over to your nearest store if so to work with a salesperson directly for the best recommendations on this.

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    KVM switches existed since when keyboards had large 5-pin DIN connectors.

    First try without one (for a complete automation):

    Monitors have both DP and HDMI connections. This will be an experiment, but it is likely to work - if you set both monitors Input to Auto, they will detect wherever signal is coming from. When you start the PC, they will take DP input from 4060. When you start laptop, they (likely) will detect HDMI input. If monitor menu doesn't have Auto setting, then you will need to select input on each monitor.

    For wired keyboard and mouse, you will need a USB hub, and need to manually switch it between PC USB extension cable, and laptop docking station. For wireless keyboard and mouse (again just experiemental - the "might work" category) if you have bluetooth mouse and a bluetooth keyboard, and pair them to PC and then separately to laptop, they may connect automatically when you turn on PC, or when you turn on laptop.

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