Still using a VCR! Need a TV that will accommodate the VCR


It's true! So I'm shopping for a new TV that I can still connect direct to my VCR via coax. I've had the Westinghouse 24" LED HDTV - purchased at MicroCenter Cambridge Mass - which I'm now using with my PC. I've gotten feedback from another retailer that larger TV's in the same Westinghouse line would also fit my situation - to a limit. Their 32" and 43" would work for me but their 50" would not, even though they all have ATSC/NTSC tuners. Something about the more recent, larger model being designed differently. I guess as the product evolves, some features get phased out. Fair enough.

I'm looking strictly at LED TV's listed on MicroCenter's site and would simply like to know - yes or no - if my VCR would function with the simple direct VCR-to-TV coax connection (no converter required) with any of the following TV's.

Philips 55PUL7552 55" Class (54.6" Diag.) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - Refurbished; HDR10; Game Mode SKU: 563692

Sansui S55VAUG 55" Class (56.4" Diag.) 4K Ultra HD Google TV; Built-In Google OS and Google Assistance; Vocal Control; Screencast Built-in SKU: 602813

Vizio V585-J01-R 58" Class (57.5" Diag.) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - Refurbished; V-Gaming Engine; Dolby Vision HDR; IQ Active SKU: 519629

Would any other categories of TVs - OLED, QLED etc - have any models 43" or more that would fit my situation?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

**Edit. Just realized this is probably not in the right section. Sorry. First timer. Would a mod or other with authority kindly move this thread to a section covering product questions? TY!**


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