can my Motherboard be transfered?

I bought a dell optiplex 3010 SFF as a starter gaming pc. I bought the Dell Treasure box from amazon for $150. I recently maxed out the RAM (16GB DDR3) and know that soon I will probably want to upgrade again at some point.

So i found a pc case online that I think would work best for me. I want to know, if i come in with my old pc and new case, and probably a new PSU as I believe my current one proprietary, none of which originated from Micro Center, would you guys be able to assemble it for me as i am personally really bad at cable management? Thanks! 


  • PowerSpec_KenJ
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    Dell typically uses proprietary motherboards that may not fit into a standard desktop chassis, so that will be important to check to see if it meets a standard form factor (my guess is that since it is a Dell, the answer would be no). If it does, then the store can swap the case. It is typically a new system build as it requires full disassembly and reassembly. The tier 1 build charge is $150. I am not sure if there is any additional to disassemble your PC before reassembly.

  • HeroRobertBrine
    edited October 2023
    Alright i will see if the motherboard measures with the standard mini-ITX dimensions. I know my potential new case supports the full nine yards of motherboard types (everything from mini-ITX to E-ATX) but you could be right about it being a proprietary motherboard. 
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