Can I move my SSD and my HDD from my Tracer 3 VR 300 gaming laptop with same or better variants


 I’ve got a problem and I need to run something by you guys to make sure it can work. As you already know I have been having problems with my display it has the point now that the display is not working in certain instances if I don’t move the display at just the right angle the screen will not work. I took my laptop to the Micro Center today and last Saturday (to their PC repair shop of course) they said that it could be a motherboard problem and that they couldn’t do anything because did you know if it was under warranty he also told me a few other things as well I said that the clock wasn’t working properly and they said that the CMOS battery had died which is what I predicted because I knew that that would be the only thing that would be the case as for the backlight turning on when I plug up the again motherboard problem (that was last Saturday). This Saturday I went back up there and told the person at the desk who helps repair the computers that I contacted CyberpowerPC and told him that I needed an RMA they responded and said that the laptop was registered but the parts and labor warranty had run out and they recommended that I get it fix by a PC repair shop.

So, I went back to Micro Center Saturday and I told him that I had backed up everything (most of them didn’t get my saved game files) and that even if you managed to fix it or wanted to destroy it I would be fine with that and again they told me that there was still nothing he could do however before I got there already doing some research on finding something similar. You see I had sought the VR 300 turbo and slim variants and it got me thinking (and this is where you guys come in) that maybe if I bought one of these variants which I’m going to put a link to in this post I could transfer the SSD and HHD to that laptop that I bought. Of course, I would have to uninstall the drivers for the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the graphics card in the process but I believe this could work or maybe I’m wrong or probably overthinking it but I think this is the best possible solution. Now I will open the floor up to everyone do you think that this could work what are the pros and cons of doing this and has anybody done anything like this I would like to hear your thoughts about this and tell me what should I do.

This question was posed to the Reddit page known as PCMR and all I got from one poster was this “if it fits it sets” I’m guessing this Person loves cats but I want your thoughts on it would this actually work I would like your thoughts on this I’ll also put the link below for the laptop in question so you can have a good look at it.


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @ITSonic

    Thank you for contacting micro center. So the main concern I would have with this is it may be more that just the drivers for the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the graphics card that need reinstalled as when windows installs itself, it download drivers for all the hardware in the system. So ever for things like the chipset for the motherboard, this is all setup when windows installs. If windows has any issue loading the correct drivers then it may end up having issues booting up from the ssd and hard drive moved to it. it still may end up require you reinstall windows on those drives again so it can get the correct drivers.

  • ITSonic


    Ok, no It wouldn't work even if I found another VR 300 it wouldn't work. So, what should I do? Should I Buy a New Gaming Laptop since I can't get my display fixed, or Try to find another VR 300?

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