Status of my build?


I have been contact by someone in customer service but he had no idea about my build. I called this evening and talked to CODY, who is a ROCKSTAR and helped me A LOT on sunday, he deserves a RAISE. LODI is working on the build as i understand and is also a ROCKSTAR who helped me on sunday as well. again, needs a raise.

I would love to talk to Lodi about whats going on and talk about the build, changing mobo's, maybe even AIO and CPU.

Everyone has been awesome, from william in sales to the Cody and Lodi in tech.

Ben, who i was told was the store manger (or was at least on sunday when i was there for the 4th time in 4 days) im still on the fence about.

If i could get Kodi to give me a call tomorrow, 10/31 that would be amazing.


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