Diagnosing/Return help on new custom within window, all components from MC.


i7 13700k, asus z790 prime - p, gskill ddr5, 2x16gb, 2tb samsung 990 pro, nvidia 4070.

Went through the build nothing would post and no display. Everything does have power. Went through troubleshooting steps and I believe I have it narrowed down to a CPU or Motherboard DOA.

Isolated everything to just integrated graphics, ram and cpu. Tried one stick at a time. Tried different cables, outputs and monitors. Tried reseating cpu.

I live a ways from the store and a friend that double checked my troubleshooting found a link that I can bring my new build to the knowledge bar if it's within the return period to verify what needs to be exchanged for sure at no cost?

Just asking if there is a charge, if so I can just bring the components in myself to do the exchange. I'd just like to not make more than one trip or exchange things as DOA that were working correctly. (I'm sure this would benefit MC too)

Thanks for any help/advice!


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    if you take your build back to your local Micro Center, they will be able to diagnosis it for $39.99. That way you can find out exactly what is wrong and then go from there. They can also build your computer for you. The price varies based on parts and what all needs to be done. Ask them for a price quote when you bring it to service.

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