The Infinite White PC Build Guide - Making the Most of the Meta Quest 3


Written by @Julia_V

While the new Meta Quest 3 is designed to be an entirely wireless, portable VR headset, it can connect to computers for PC-based VR experiences. So, to make the most of that, we designed a PC that has amazing PC VR capabilities - and looks awesome at the same time.

My inspiration for this build is the all-white aesthetic of the Meta Quest 3: featuring an all-white chassis, motherboard, cooler, and graphics card. I also wanted to highlight the Thermaltake P6 case, as it’s a hidden gem amongst many all-glass cases, as well as the new Lian Li Galahad II Trinity SL INF All-in-One cooler. 

CPU, Motherboard, and RAM: Micro Center Intel Core i7-13700K Bundle

For the CPU, motherboard, and RAM, I am using one of our Micro Center bundles for this build. This bundle features the Intel i7-13700K, the ASUS Z790-P PRIME Wifi motherboard, and G.Skill Ripjaws S5 32GB RAM and saves you aboutr $280.

The i7-13700K is an extremely powerful processor with 16 cores and 24 processing threads - great for high-demand VR games. The motherboard in the bundle also matches the all-white aesthetic and adds a nice silver finish. For connectivity, the motherboard has a 2.5Gb LAN port to ensure a fast, stable internet connection. Very importantly, a USB 3.2 Type-C port so we connect our Quest 3 with the MetaVR link cable. To top it all off is 32GB of incredibly fast DDR5 RAM, plenty to get you gaming with the latest and greatest VR titles.

GPU: Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Aero

The Gigabyte 4070 Ti Aero is one of the best gaming GPUs for the price point, especially when it comes to VR gaming. These games can be more demanding in comparison to regular 1080p or 2K gaming - but a 4070 Ti will be more than enough for the job. While there are many choices when it comes to the 4070 Ti, the Gigabyte version in particular features an all-white design that looks extremely clean and sleek and will fit perfectly with my Quest 3 inspired aesthetic. 

Storage: Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB M.2 NVMe

I have always been a huge fan of the Samsung SSDs. For this build, we are starting with a 2TB M.2 NVMe 980 Pro SSD. Considering the size of modern Triple-A games, which have been known to top 100GB, a terabyte can be filled up in no time. Luckily, the motherboard has multiple slots for additional SSD drives, and we can always expand on storage later down the line. Of course, you can also include some traditional HDDs as well, for cost-effective storage expansion.

Power Supply: Seasonic USA Focus GX-850 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold ATX Fully Modular Power Supply

Seasonic recently released an updated version of their Focus GX Series power supplies that features an additional ATX 3.0 12V connector. This new connector allows us to plug the GPU - which takes the 12V connector - directly into the power supply. The single cable can deliver up to 600 watts of power and takes away the clutter inside of the PC thanks to a singular, direct connection (and not having to use the adapter between the GPU and PSU). As the 4070 Ti is extremely efficient and the i7 is not as power hungry as some of its siblings, an 850W is more than sufficient.

Case and Cooler: Thermaltake Core P6 Tempered Glass ATX Mid Tower Computer Case & Lian Li Galahad II Trinity SL INF 360mm AIO

Tying the build all together is the Thermaltake P6 and the Lian Li Galahad II Trinity SL INF 360mm cooler and two sets of Lian Li UNI Infinity fans. While the P6 case can be used in an open-air style, I prefer having the front glass panel attached for additional fans. The Galahad II Trinity has the same style as the UNI fans, with a heavy focus on infinity mirrors. That design adds a lot of depth to the build, helping it stand apart from the crowd.

While the Galahad AIO cooler can be mounted on either the top or the side, I find the side-mounted configuration fits perfectly and is a bit easier to work with. The side mounting bracket has just the right amount of space for the radiator and the fans to fit flush against the panel. 

Build your own:

If you want to build your own version of the White Infinity or use my design as a template to start from, you can check out the full build in the Micro Center configurator here:

And be sure to check out all of our coverage on the Meta Quest 3 - and test it out for yourself in select Micro Centers!


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