Need suggestion on new power supply.

I have a 10 yr old HP Z420 with a bad power supply. I don't have any transportation to get to the store and the busses are a 20 minute walk from the closest stop. The OEM supply is a 600w with a 18 pin connector and all the used parts I have are 24 pin connectors. I'd like to upgrade to a budget 800w because I have 14TB's of hard drives. I need to know which power supply to order online with the correct connection. P1 is 18 pin and P2 is 8 pin. Has 6 SATA power plugs. All other plugs are unused. HP part #623193-001.  Model # DPS-600UB

I woke up 2 weeks ago and smelled smoke, I found a deep fried stink bug on the power supply circuit board.


  • Ian


    Looks like it's a proprietary power supply, We wouldn't have a direct replacements available from us at Micro Center, you can see if an ATX supply would fit in the case, but you'd have to locate an adapter that can convert the main power from 24pin to 18pin and see if that would work. Otherwise, you may want to look for a direct replacement of the supply that came with the computer third-party online.

  • magarity
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    Those HP models use custom power supplies. You need to get on HPs website and find a replacement direct from them.
  • MLT21222
    I did a little investigating online at your site and it seems that most of the newer modular power supplies have a removable motherboard power cable with the same setup. An 18 pin & a 8 pin plug at the unit but a newer 24 pin connector at the motherboard end. So I'm buying a cheap 750w Corsair for $80 and switching the motherboard end with the OEM cable plug and just repining the plug to match. With a confuser that old you do what you have to do to keep it running as cheap as possible incase it has other problems. But with 14TB's of hard drives a stock 650w supply is simply too little to depend on.
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