Particulars about Microcenter Credit Card


As most know, Microcenters Credit Card is serviced by Wells Fargo. And, if you charge something and don't chose 6 months no interest, then you get a 5% discount on the items.

What I have discovered recently is not very positive, and in fact, very negative. During this past August '23, I purchased an open box laptop for $800, and a new processor and motherboard for my desktop which was about $550. Both of these were put on 6 months no interest.

About a month later, I purchased some USB drives and a large SSD on 2 separate dates. Neither purchase exceeded $250, so I got a 5% discount and they went on my card as 'regular' purchases. That means that I will get charged interest on these if they are not paid off before my next statement.

So, for September and also for October, I paid big amounts on the account so that a big portion would go toward paying off the $250 of regular purchases so I wouldn't get charged interest. But guess what?

Not a single penny of the roughly $600 payments I made were credited to those regular purchases. Everything went to my promotional balances with don't expire until February. I called an spoke to 2 agents at Wells Fargo. Turns out that unlike most other credits cards which allocate payments across all the balances, and ones where you can call them and specify how you want a big payment allocated, Wells Fargo Microcenter card is set up so that not a dime of my payments will go to pay down the regular interest bearing balance UNTIL after all promotional balances have been paid off!! So, they will get to charge me 29% interest on that $250 from now until February (or sooner if I pay off the entire balance which defeats the purpose of 6 months with no interest). I complained about this to a Microcenter rep via chat and got the typical corporate reply telling me need to read the service agreement of the credit card. I know good and well that when companies search for a credit card company to host their credit cards, the company has a big say so in the details of the service agreement. We need to complain to Microcenter about this, or either open 2 credit cards -one for 6 month no interest promotion purchases, and the other for smaller interest bearing purchases!


  • TSKevinG

    Good afternoon @Pavlo

    Thank you for contacting micro center. I have sent a message directly to you in regards to the information for the micro center credit card.

  • Pavlo

    I have checked and double checked with agents and their supervisors at Wells Fargo. Trust me, what I am explaining here is fact. If you charge a mixture of promotional charges along with regular charges, they will direct ALL payments to the promotional charges until all Promotional charges are paid off, THEN they will direct future payments to regular purchases. But these regular purchases have been sitting them bearing interest the entire time you spend paying off your 6 months no interest charges. I've paid my card to zero and don't plan to use it for anything BUT a larger promotional purchase and not do any mixing.

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