Would Like Suggestions for First Time Build Please


I do not have a lot of computer knowledge, but in doing a little bit of research I've come to know I do not require anything high end. I have budget of $600-$700 max. I do not need any peripherals nor OS with this build and my current panel is a LG 27" at 1080p. Since I have a very limited interest in the ways of gaming being that The Sims franchise is my main choice so while I'll list other games that's where I really want my build to shine. That being said I realize that the foundation itself for TS4 has lot to be desired meaning there is only so much I can expect from it but what of I can expect I want the best of. My productivity list is mainly connected with my interest in TS4.

What I would like my pc to do is as follows:


  • The Sims 4 on ultra-high settings with most of the DLC, heavily modded plus tons of cc (a minimum of 50 GB) and with GShade presets
  • Older time management games (i.e. Diner Dash franchise)
  • Match 3 (Bejeweled, Super Collapse etc.)
  • Mystery/Investigation/Hidden Object (The Painscreek Killings, The Room (1-4), Sherlock Holmes etc.)
  • Racing games (mostly the NFS franchise and Burnout)
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Sonic
  • Overcooked


  • Editing in Filmora
  • Photoshop (occasional use)
  • Blender (want to attempt poses and animations for TS4)
  • Want to try make machinimas using TS4 using OBS as of now.

I can't say there are any games that pique my interest that are out today, but I do know in the future, that is whenever they're released, I'll be looking into Sims 5, Paralives and Life By You. I'm not in favor of one brand from another in the way of parts but I know for me personally I'm not into constantly upgrading anything and plan to have said build for quite some time. I want a simple yet very cost to performance build as much as possible. Thank you all who take the time to respond, I appreciate it.


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