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I am using a pair of old and slow Dell 1080p 60 Hz monitors from work and planning replacing them with a pair of 1440p. I use the same desk for my work laptop and gaming PC (Ryzen 7 5800X3D and 3070 Ti). I'm on a fairly limited budget and was looking at the following options. I'm based in the US. Just curious what people think.


  • HyperX Armada 27" (currently $179.99) - I use a dual monitor arm, so the lack of traditional stand doesn't matter 
  • LG 27GR75Q-B.AUS ($229.99)
  • MSI G274QPF ($169.99) - this is the non Quantum Dot Version
  • I'm open to other suggestions.


I don't do much AAA gaming on the computer mostly playing older games and indies and have a tight budget of under $250 a piece. I do data analytics for a living, and use 3 monitors currently (2 plus a laptop screen). And I'm not super interested in going with a single ultrawide. I've tried using a single large 32 in at the office and it just slowed me down.


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