Why is my new Toshiba N300 16TB internal HDD not showing up as a drive in my dell optiplex 9020?

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I recently purchased a Toshiba N300 16TB internal HDD as I am converting my old dell optiplex 9020 SFF into a NAS. This drive is solely used for storage and will not be bootable/contain an OS. The primary boot drive is a 1 TB crucial SSD. I have a splitter cable for the SATA power supply with one that is connected to the SSD and the other to the HDD. There is one sata data cable for the SSD and HDD in sata ports 0 and 1 respectively. However when I go to boot the computer the HDD is not showing up. Even when I go to the BIOS setup screen there is no drive showing up. I then reconnected the original HDD that came with the computer and the BIOS/OS were able to detect that drive so I don't think it is a wiring configuration issue. I also don't think it is a power issue as the SSD only uses 5V and both HDDs use 12V. The OS I am using is open media vault 6 (Based on Debian 11). I have read that for bootable drives the dell optiplex only works with drives up to 2TB, but this is not a bootable drive so it shouldn't be an issue. Are there any thoughts on why this isn't working? Is the drive just defective? I am thinking of getting an external enclosure for the Toshiba HDD to see if it needs a driver or something.


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