Asus Strix Scar 17 7945HX3D + 4090 | Random Reboots, Kernal Power, Event 41


Brand new Strix Scar 17 with AMDs 7945HX3D and Nvidias mobile 4090. Laptop was purchased on 11/02/2023 and I'm getting random reboots. No Bsods.

Windows is fully updated, as well as everything in MyAsus and Armory Crate. BIOS version is 327 (latest). Currently on the ASUS provided AMD driver as well as the Asus provided NVidia driver (531.97).

Armory Crate is on Performance Mode, the GPU is on Ultimate (MUX switch, only using the 4090). The issue also occurs when I'm using Optimus

It doesn't happen very often, but its usually right in the middle of very important render work. I'll be rendering an image and the computer will shut down and reboot, throwing a Kernal Power, Event ID 41 in the Event Viewer. It's happened 9 times since purchase. It's also happened just simply scrolling through pictures on Photo Viewer, so I don't think the computer being under load triggers it. I've lost hours of work due to this problem already.

I've tried updating the Nvidia driver to the current 546.01 and its the same thing.

Temperatures are stable at 52C~ during idle and 86-89c during full load. I've tested the computer for 20+ minutes on Cinebench 23 and temperatures don't exceed 89 at all.

Any Ideas??



  • Vaganza
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    I am seeing what you describe in other forums as well, it appears specific to Optimus. See if there is anything here that might help.

  • Jimmzi

    Thank You! I actually disabled Optimus and used the Mux switch to enable just the 4090. I've had crashes/reboots with the 4090 only and with using Optimus.

    I cross-posted this in the ROG support forum as well, and a member provided this solution, I'm currently testing it for stability but it seems promising!

    I've quoted it below just in case others have the same issue and would like to try it out:


    "Regarding point 8 [COMMON] RANDOM REBOOTS.

    Following VorteX87 and pieloth's instructions. Uninstalling Armoury Crate (replacing Armoury Crate with G-Helper is a good option), plus having everything updated (OS, drivers, BIOS) and disabling the Windows Startup option in the power settings makes the random system reboots completely disappear.

    After 1 month of testing (I use the PC every weekday for work) the combination BIOS 327+G-Helper+Disable Windows Fast Startup solves the random reboots."

    Appreciate you reaching out!

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