My PC keeps turning off when playing high graphical games, how do I fix this?

edited November 2023 in Graphics Cards

Last year, I bought a new RTX 3060 as a graduation gift to myself. However, my PC would shut off whenever I played high-graphical games such as Cyberpunk. I suspected that my power supply unit (PSU) couldn't handle the power draw required by the GPU. To verify that it wasn't an issue with the new GPU, I ran FurMark ROG to test for artifacts, which confirmed that my GPU was fine. I had experienced similar issues in the past, which were resolved by upgrading my PSU. So, I upgraded my PSU again and bought a Corsair RM850e. This fixed the issue with lower-intensive games like Valorant and Dota, but the problem still persisted when playing Cyberpunk. I tried using Corsairs PC-builder tool and it recommends a lower-watt PSU ( 650 Watt). So now I am back to thinking it's my PCU again. Is there a way to test out my PSU?

EDIT: I ran Furmark again but this time ran the CPU burner and It turned off, so either the CPU is drawing too much power ( which I don't really see happening ) or it's getting too hot and it trips the PSU.

My Specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700

GPU: ASUS Duel GeForce RTX 3060 OC Edition 8GB

MB: MSI B450 gaming Plus Max

PSU Corsair RM850e


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