Bundle Price Increase


I am trying to build my first PC. I had my eyes set on this microcenter AMD bundle that had a Ryzen 5 5600X3D, Asus Tuf Motherboard, and 16gb of Ram for $269. Here is the photo:

I saved up a lot of money for it for a long time and am in a very tight budget. I was about to buy it but I thought maybe there was a chance for the price to go down for Black Friday. I just now checked the website and the price has actually gone up instead to $299. Here is the photo: 

I am very bummed out because it threw a wrench in my plans, and it sucks because I purposely waited for Black Friday only to have it go UP in price. I was hoping maybe someone could see this and honor the original price for me and I will purchase it immediately. I even got a Microcenter email advertising the old price just this morning. 

Please help me,


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