Powerspec G906 keeps shutting off

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Just looking for some help with an issue I’m having. Had my computer freeze on me completely earlier tonight when I closed my browser. 

Let it sit for about fifteen minutes to see if it would unfreeze, and it did not so I tried powering it off. Pressing the power did nothing so I held it till it finally shut down. 

Let it sit for a bit before trying to power back up, booted fine and even managed to load into a game like normal, then it just shut off on me out of nowhere. Now when I try to start it, it gets to the point of showing the power spec logo and saying “starting auto repair” then powers off again.

 I’ve tried multiple cords, extenders, and outlets to see if it was a power problem and no change. I’ve even unplugged everything from it besides my monitor mouse and keyboard and have had no change. Any assistance is much appreciated.

edit: also as of this moment letting it sit to potentially cool down if it’s an over temp issue.

edit2: further update, tried booting after about a half hour or so and it got passed the repair screen to the login. Was halfway through putting in my password and it killed again. 

In all honesty my experience with PC issues like this are minimal. Used to running laptops for the most part and never messed with hardware too much. I say this because from what I’ve read and my understanding it’s likely a power supply issue, but I could be wrong. Guess at this point just wondering if that sounds about right to anyone else.


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    I would start it up and tap the "Delete" key to enter the BIOS. Go to the monitor tab, lets see what your temps look like in the BIOS. If it's shutting down and staying off this sounds like a thermal issue. Take a picture of the monitor tab and post it here if you can.

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