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Hello I'm new to the whole picking out pc parts thing as I've never built my own (currently on a Skytech prebuilt) so I'm not too familiar on what the best parts would be. However I did try out the pc builder to give an idea of what I'm looking for in a custom pc. My desired budget is around 2k (2.5k being my limit), I picked out a black HYTE Y60 case because I like the look of it and prefer a black aesthetic, I'm wanting a graphics card from the 40 series (hopefully one at a reasonable price), and a liquid cooler - I've chosen an NZXT liquid cooler because I have always wanted one with the LCD screen and being able to see my pc temps. I have not yet chosen any case fans because I was unsure of how many the case needed (I would prefer RGB fans). Other helpful information: I play on a 28" Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor and a few games I play include Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2, Gotham Knights, Overwatch, and Sea of Thieves. Please let me know of any changes that you guys would suggest or if you guys suggest something completely different I would very much appreciate it.

Sorry I had to take screenshots of the build because I wasn't able to attach the link to it.


  • Lambdaben

    Hi @duenakir!

    Couple of things:

    1. I'd look at getting one the 14700K bundles we having going on, you get a newer and more powerful processor, DDR5 ram, and the only downside would be you lose the RGB ram.
    2. You don't necessarily need the thermal paste, the cooler will come pre-pasted, so it's just an extra cost you don't need.
    3. I would change the SSD to the Samsung 990 Pro, it's going to be a lot faster drive than the WD SN770.

    With the changes I stated above, your total before tax should be $1,969.93.

    Hope this helps!

  • duenakir
    Thank you for the revisions to my build. This really helps me and saving a bit of money as well!
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