Building my first custom PC, any recommendations/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, my name is Adrian. I am excited to build my first custom gaming PC. I'd always wanted a custom PC, but due to financial constraints, I was unable to purchase one. I recently received a promotion at work that now allows me to build a high-end gaming PC. I built a PC as a final exam in high school (7 years ago), but the parts were very old (nothing like what we have today). I am somewhat knowledgeable about PC parts (I am familiar with all of the major computer components); however, I am unaware of the performance capabilities of the computer parts for the PC I am building. I want this computer to last me 5-6 years. I also want to be able to play games at their highest settings (if possible) while maintaining 90+ FPS. I'd appreciate any feedback/recommendations you have on the build I've got so far. Thank you and have a nice day.


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