How to reinstall Windows 10 on locked drive?

edited November 2023 in General Discussion


tl;dr: how can I reinstall Windows 10 when it says the drive is locked?

My son built a computer for me years ago when I was playing RPGs, now I want to update it for graphics editing (adobe illustrator, etc). It had an AMD Ryzen 7 1700x processor that wouldn't work with Windows 11, so I got a Ryzen 7 5800X, updated my BIOS, and installed the new Ryzen.

Then I got the 0xc000000e error, and it told me I need to reinstall Windows 10. I have a usb with the Windows 10 install files and changed the BIOS to boot from it, but it said the Windows drive is locked. That screen says to press Enter to try again or Press F8 for Startup Settings, but neither key actually does anything. Then in a minute the computer turns off.

How bad is this?



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