My Build, looking for advice

edited November 2023 in Consumer Tech

Background: first PC build ever, I am trying to play a fair amount of games in 4k with over 60 fps. With the 4090 out of stock everywhere I have some time to wait so I wanted to see what other more experienced people thought. In general, my questions are what am I going overkill on and what am I not putting enough into with this build? This is solely for gaming, no streaming or at home work currently so only working with one monitor currently. Money is not a huge issue although I would not like to go up more than what I currently have. I apologize if there is a spot for this I submitted my build elsewhere but it got rejected. Attached are 2 screenshots of my build parts. The thermal cooling is the kryonaut grease (didn't really know what to pick). One question I do have is I picked the air cooled build for 149.00 as opposed to the water AIO build. Is this an issue? Thanks for all the future feedback!


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