Would you recommend buying one of the Refurbished computers at Microcenter


...It's for my son, he is 11 and this would be his first desktop computer, looking for an i5 processor, and 8 to 16GB in RAM...

just looking for your opinion on the refurbished computers...not gonna die on me after 6 months, right?



  • Ian


    For refurbished systems, you can consider them quite similar to a new system, these products have been refurbished to original factory specifications or better by the original manufacturer or their designated manufacturing facility. The product is fully tested by component. Any electronic hardware not passing diagnostic testing is replaced. The product must pass normal manufacturer testing before being repackaged for sale. Certified Refurbished products come fully backed with a limited warranty typically backed by the original manufacturer and can also be promptly facilitated at the Micro Center Store within this warranty timeframe. You can also look into adding an extended warranty with us if you do buy a new or refurbished system as well for additional coverage!

  • TreBouncee

    Depending on your sons interest it may not be too different a price for the new machines. Its easier to assess what the machine will be used for and go from there.

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