defective speaker on laptop

edited November 2023 in General Discussion
I bought a gateway laptop but the speaker is defective. The speaker on this unit makes a loud static noise. I was too busy to bring it back right away but I was able to come around 1pm november 27 and when I came I was told if I can exchange it for the same laptop even though the current price on the display was more than $299 which was what I paid for it on sale. The tech support guy( steven herron) said they can back up the data for me for but there would be a charge so I said no I will just go home and back up the data and wipe the pc clean myself and come back to exchange it. So I went home and then came back around 7 pm and they said all the units are sold out and they can only refund me the $299 but cant give me a new pc. The operations manager michael zavacki was pretty rude and said they probably sold all the units that day between 1pm and 7pm. The manager said I need to contact gateway for the 1 year warranty. I googled online and found a customer with a similar issue and it said this gateway laptop's warranty is the responsibility of microcenter not gateway. it said only if this laptop was sold at walmart then gateway deals with the warranty but microcenter is supposed to be the one who covers the warranty for this gateway if bought at a microcenter. 


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